profit H80

L1 [mm] B1 [mm] L2 [mm] B2 [mm] H80 16.38 3720 mm 1530 mm 7050 mm 3900 mm H80 21.31 3090 mm 2100 mm 6400 mm 4500 mm H80 21.38 3720 mm 2100 mm 7050 mm 4500 mm * Dimensions vary when using special equipment Automation options Whether as a standalone machine or fully automated cell, the profit H80 offers different automation options for maximum efficiency and shortest cycle times. L1 B1 L2 B2 Additional seals for extreme operating conditions Register marks detection: For the processing of printed plate materials in the advertising industry, a camera ensures the highest precision through the automatic recognition of the printed register marks on the workpiece The numerous innovative solutions for workpiece cooling, for the increase of tool life, for improving the surface quality or for optimal chip removal guarantee maximum productivity and thus more profit. Plastic and composite processing with c-tech from Format-4 With the specially developed equipment options of c-tech, the profit H80 becomes the perfect machine for plastic and composite machining. Variant “stand alone” Variant “automatic unloading” Variant “automatic loading and unloading” Variant “automatic loading and unloading” with storage link-up FORMAT-4 Austria KR-Felder-Straße 1 6060 HALL in Tirol Austria Tel. +43 5223 55306 Fax +43 5223 55306-63