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A 6060 HALL in Tirol KR-Felder-Straße 1 www.format-4.com 4.0 for all: F4 ® Solutions Fits like a glove into your business and your machines Traditional craft business with standard machines or high-tech operation with CNC - F4 ® Solutions always fits! Completely independent of the existing machine equipment. THE 360°-solution for the entire order process F4 ® Solutions is not an isolated solution, it integrates seamlessly into the existing production and links all work steps into an intelligent and consistent process. Invest today, benefit forever - THE solution that grows with you No matter what your business looks like in two, five or fifteen years, F4 ® Solutions is always available adaptable when purchasing machines or plant expansions up to Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 standards made affordable also for the trade. No investments in cross-linked new machines and high-tech units, no expensive hardware purchases - F4 ® Solutions makes cross-linked production and Industry 4.0 standards affordable also for craftman's businesses with standard machines. Design - Visualize - Sell - Produce Easiest design of individual pieces of furniture with F4 ® Solutions in the familiar CAD environment, photorealistic renderings of sales supporting 3D visualizations and detailed data transfer for production - that's 4.0 for trade and industry. All data always at hand, from measurement to installation F4 ® Solutions brings all the data to the machines and leads through the assembly with detailed drawings and 3D data. No more enquiries, no additional steps, no mountains of paper. I can not wait to get started with F4 ® Solutions. Finally, no more ambiguity in the assembly of complex furniture systems. Despite the good order situation, it is still too early for a large investment in high-tech machines, but with F4 ® Solutions I can cross- link all my machines now. I have just lost an order for lack of visualization at an existing customer, that will never happen to me again with F4 ® Solutions! FORMAT-4 Machine construction A/18F4-SOLUT-EUS/S/1.00/V/2710/ MS · © 3/2018 FELDER KG · KR-Felder-Straße 1 · A-6060 HALL in Tirol · www.felder-group.com The machines are occasionally pictured with optional equipment. Felder reserves the right to make changes to technical data at any time and does not take responsibility for content or printing errors.