Ligna News 2019

NEWS EUK SPecIaL edItIon 2019 IMMEDIATE-INFO Tel. +43 5223 5850-0 InnoVatIon reQuIreS courage glueBox PUR-EDGE BANDING WITHOUT GLUE POT IngenIouSLY SIMPLe – SIMPLY IngenIouS! “Thought outside the box and improved” – that’s the best way to describe the revolutionary Format-4 devel- opment. Instead of the PUR adhesive in the glue pot of edge banding machines, a thin PUR adhesive strip in the glueBox is fused almost invisibly between the edge material and the workpiece. reVoLutIonarILY cLean. With glueBox PUR adhesive processing becomes easier, cleaner and more effortless than ever before. glueBox combines all PUR adhesive advantages on top of the revolutionarily clean processing. Thanks to glueBox, tedious glue pot cleaning, nitrogen tanks and much more are a thing of the past. econoMIcaLLY HIgHLY ProFItaBLe. Taking all costs into account (investment, adhesive material consumption and cleaning costs/expenditure), in the effective field of application the glueBox saves approximately. 70% in comparison to conventional PUR granulate processing. availability Efficiency Flexibility comfort Resource efficiency Dynamics time saving Ready to use in just 90 seconds With 3 available coil lengths always suitable and perfectly plannable Choose between: coils with 25, 75, or 100 linear metres for 16, 19, or 40 mm workpiece height Tool-free glue strip replacement No additional compressed air supply required Alternating operation with a glue pot at any time possible No manual cleaning necessary