Year end Sale 2018

2 15° d B 10° 15° 20˚ 15˚ B d 15° d B 10° 10° SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA DENVER COLORADO DALLAS TEXAS NEW CASTLE DELAWARE CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA MIAMI FLORIDA $314.40 $209.00 .SET-SBF | $ excl. sales tax –34% SET offer Silent-Power ® Silver Welcome to Felder EUS | USD.B 2. Ripsawblade ++ For sizing and ripping solid wood along the grain or to slot and tenon in a longitudinal direction ++ Length cut: exotic wood, hard wood, soft wood ++ Crosscutting: soft wood 3. Universal saw blade ++ For the formatting and crosscutting of solid wood and format cuts of laminated panels, plastics and mineral fibreboard ++ Length cut of: High-grade wood, hard wood ++ Crosscutting: High-grade wood, exotic wood, hard wood, soft wood ++ Can also be used for: laminated wood, chipboard, plywood, blockboard 1. Fine sizing cutblade ++ For the formatting and mitre cuts of solid wood as well as format cuts of laminated panels, veneer bundles ++ Crosscutting: high-grade wood, exotic wood, hard wood ++ Can also be used for: veneered panels, hardboard, MDF, parquet flooring, layered boards, plywood, blockboard, composite panels 1. Ø 300 mm, Z 72, W 3.2/2.2 mm 2. Ø 315 mm, Z 14, W 3.4/2.2 mm 3. Ø 315 mm, Z 48, W 3.2/2.2 mm Ø 30 mm SET offer