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kappa 550 profil 45 M x-motion c-express 920 classic finish 1352 modular kappa V60 tempora F400 45.03/L dual 51 kappa 400 x-motion profil 45 M creator 950 finish 1353 modular kappa V60 classic tempora F600 60.06/L profit H500/H500 MT profil 45 Z x-motion profit H200/H300 finish 1350 classic finish 1350 gloss kappa automatic classic tempora F800 60.12 x-motion plus/e-motion tempora F800 60.08 x-motion plus/e-motion kappa automatic 80/100 profit H08 profit H08 21.31 plan 51 L kappa 400 profil 45 Z profit H350 profit H10 exact 63 exact 51 kappa 550 e-motion kappa 550 x-motion FELDER GROUP USA Trusted woodworking solutions since 1956 | toll free: 866-792-5288 Choose from over 180 machines at & YOUR WORLD A CNC MACHINE FOR 1 YEAR Win Change Maschines at IWF ATLANTA PRODUCT RANGE 2018 Sliding Table Saws Planers & Jointers Shapers CNC Machine Centers Wide Belt Sanders Panel & Beam Saws Edgebanders Heated Veneer Presses HVP Typ 1 Heated veneer press with Elkom® electric heating plates HVP Typ 2 heated veneer press with warm water heating HVP Typ 3 Heated veneer press with thermal oil heating HVP Typ 4 Heated veneer press with connection to an existing heating system